Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ree ree ree,
kick them in the knee,
Rass rass rass,
kick them ermmm
in the other knee

Am I the only one who gets the feeling, when listening to Obamamaniacts, that they are cheer leading for a high school football game? The common answer for any objection seems to be..."well we won..so get over it". I can almost see them sticking out their tongue and saying "naaaaaaa". I purpose that anyone who uses this sentence, should be forced to sit in the corner and read the constitution!

Things I can't "get over"

Redistributing the wealth. Now if you are poor..which I am, the idea kinda has appeal at first. but then I have to start asking questions like...Who's wealth? who is rich and who is poor? who gets to decide? I mean we are all rich and all poor depending on to whom we are compared. If I have no money and get some money from the "wealthy" does that make me "rich"? and do I have to give the money back?

National health care. Now this one really has me worried! I am 50 years old, if I need surgery or cancer treatments will the government decide that I am too costly? What about the disabled that need so much health care? Will everyone old or weak become disposable? Who gets to decide who is and who is not "worth" the investment?

Right to privacy. Am I the only one upset that our government sics a mob on private citizens? This can't be happening!!! Does anyone know of a similar event happening before? In this country that is. Not only did the president approve of the "mob" but threatened another group of private citizens to sic the mob on them if they didn't go with the program!! This is just soooo wrong on so many levels! These two events are enough to make me wonder if we do actually live in a "free country" anymore. Beem me up Scotty isn't working because Scotty left orbit.

OK. My last and almost most angry rant...

The slap on the butt. Ladies..what would you do if your husband slapped you on the butt in front of millions of people? Men, how many of you (that are not suicidal) would dare do this? What does it say about a man that would? And what would have happened to Bush if he had done it (after he regained conciseness of course)?

I'm not sure if I am sad, angry or both. The worse part is that when the country has been destroyed, and the obamamaniatics have come to their senses it will be too late. Sure we can say, "we won"! But somehow it will ring hollow!

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  1. Well, you've just about covered all the bases there girl! Okay, here it is: National Health Care is their version of exterminating all the old geezers baby boomers because they don't have the money for their retirement.

    Better to just let them all die, sooner rather than later.

    Hey, any government that outlaws perfectly good lightbulbs, and replaces them with ones full of mercury...should give you a cue!

    We are all sad and angry...!!! And you are right!

    Welcome aboard! Great post!